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A practical shopper bag, which easily fits everyday shopping as well as necessities such as an umbrella, wallet or mobile phone.


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A classic doctor’s bag worn in the crook of your elbow of timeless elegance. A mini clutch bag, perfectly complimenting an evening attire or its male cousin, a briefcase, typical of a businesswoman and a corporate job. Regardless of the style of a bag, it’s one of the most often used and most practical accessories in a woman’s wardrobe, and a perfectly chosen model can serve you for years.

Elegant (or not!) shopping with a shopper bag

This model enjoys a special recognition among women who like to have an essential, capacious bag close at hand. It usually has only one compartment and a small pocket for documents. It is worn with a long strap over your shoulder or with short straps in the crook of your arm. It can be made of stiff leather or soft fabric, in any color shade or texture. It owes its widespread popularity to the fact that it virtually goes with any outfit, be it casual, elegant or sporty.

Timeless chic

An exclusive bag styled with a tracksuit? Why not! This unusual combo has been photographed by paparazzi countless times, being rocked by A-listers such as Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner or Billie Eilish. Elaborate designer bags with decorative hardware and fancy embossed leather capture everyone’s imagination and upstage the outfit. Speaking of luxury bags, we must not forget iconic Chanel bags. Although today they enjoy massive global popularity and world-wide recognition, not many know that the first model of a Chanel bag was designed to be … functional!

Charcoal Chanel 2.55 bag

The iconic 2.55 model, with the number actually standing for the date of its premiere (February of 1955) completely changed how the world saw the french fashion house and its founder - Gabrielle Chanel. Indeed, at the time of the premiere Gabrielle already has world-known designs of hats and jackets to her credit, but it is this small leather bag with an interwoven leather chain that makes Gabrielle go down in fashion history.

The very first Chanel bags were made of diamond-quilted wool (still used today). Their design has been evolving for years into hundreds of models being made of patent leather, smooth calfskin, embossed leather or even tweed! The evolution gathers speed after the death of the Chanel’s founder when Karl Lagerfeld takes over. He presents his reinterpretation of the iconic Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap bag with an interwoven leather strap in the chain and the interlocking CC clasp, creating a timeless it bag.

Apart from the legendary Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap bag, another model also enjoys huge popularity, namely the Chanel Boy Bag. Just like the Classic Flat, it is designed by Karl Lagerfeld and the name of the bag is a hint at the flamboyant character of Gabrielle Chanel (nit-pickers argue that the bag was named after Artur Capel, nicknamed “Boy” - Gabrielle’s lover for 9 years).

Messenger bags and clutch bags - the postman-but-not-really bags

Messenger and clutch bags owe their names to attributes associated with bags typical for a postman. Having the same origin and source of inspiration is where the similarities end - these two models differ from one another in style, size and purpose.

The messenger bag

Durable and capacious, comes with a long strap and a flap securing access to the inside of the bag. Incredibly functional and comfortable - worn across your body allows full hand mobility, which makes it perfect for a stroll or a bike ride. Comes in many sizes, yet the most sought-after size is the one that fits A4 sized documents, books, an umbrella and any other necessities.

The clutch bag

The star of the show and the highlight of many nights. Compliments your outfit and provides an elegant finish to it. Usually of small size, which is perfect for carrying only essential items. Because it’s not too showy it makes the outfit play the leading role. Usually doesn’t come with any straps or handles that’s why it is usually clutched in your hand or under your armpit and ideally, in a colour that matches the colour of your nail varnish. You can safely wear it on a daily basis too if you don’t need to carry a lot of items.

A bag? A must have!

A bag is an inseparable piece for both daytime and nighttime outfits. It enables storing necessary accessories and reaching for them at any time. Those made of the highest quality materials and having timeless design will make a worthwhile investment for years to come.